What is Gold Leaf?

Gold Leaf is a luxurious entertainment centre located in Ul'dah which grasps people with its funky feel good music and atmosphere, embracing the roaring 20's at its venue.Due to Square Enix ToS please read our Rules and Guidelines at our Help page! Discord

Open to Roleplayers!

At the venue our staff will be roleplaying their job in-character to ensure our customers a unique experience. Roleplaying at the venue is welcomed, but optional, as long as all content played falls into the SFW category which is defined in the Witchvalve Framework.


Any content provided or participated in is considered as a work of fiction and does not reflect or represent any real events or intentions in any shape or form. This is a safe for work environment accessable by everyone so please do not engage in any NSFW (not safe for work) activities.GENERAL RULES
1 Do not mix OOC and IC relationships!
2 To clearly indicate a certain type of text use these markers:
Character speaking out loud: "I am a Witch!"
Speaking out of character: (My character is a Witch)
Third-Person Narration: The Witch said out loud.
3 In case public chats become too busy please invite others into a party or use private chats. Others will appreciate a cleaner public chat without parallel conversations happening at the same time.
4 Please dismiss all Minions/Pets and dress accordingly, if there is a special event announced.
5 Weapons are prohibited on all our premises. Please avoid spamming of any bright particle effects.
6 Please refrain from bringing your own items, crafting at the venue, public dice rolling and emote-message spamming.
7 Avoid using /yell and /shout chat which are reserved for announcement. The yellow "Looking to Meld Materia" icon marks our staff.
8 Respect each other and do not meta/god play characters within our content. Nobody is forced to roleplay a scenario, so please speak up should you want to change or jump out of a scenario. You can use /say (DoP) or /tell a member of our staff to let them know they might need to handle a situation for you. OOC chat is always available even when unconscious IC, publicly and privately. We value interactions over lore-friendliness especially in the context of FFXIV's Lore.
// IC, acting in-character
// OOC, acting out-of-character
// DoP, Disageement of Participation
// PSDoP, Publicly stated Disagreement of Participation
You can always talk to our staff privately if you have any questions or are in the need of help regarding situations within our events. Staff is there to help you after all!



Due to the shortage of staff we currently do not offer any more services. If you would like to apply at Gold Leaf please go here to apply. Gold Leaf is a branch of Witchvalve which is why you have to apply through the Witchvalve job page and be a part of their Discord.We need Bartenders, Waiters and Hosts.